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About A Course Of Action

A Course of Action is a powerful foursome that brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. They are known for incredibly tight live shows, commercial edgy, radio-friendly, hard-rock music that promises to break the cycle of “new” rock styles and refocuses listeners on solid rock music, with clear influences of Alice in Chains, Tool, Sevendust and current influences such as Alter Bridge and Chevelle.

Lead guitarist, Jonathan Byrd, played on the national scene in a Mercury Records act known as Copperhead in the early 1990’s, but when that band met their demise, he and founding member, Tony Hawkins, formed Hybrid in 2000. They recruited for 3 years to find the right singer to solidify their vision for Hybrid, and they found that reality in John Culberson, a South Carolina native who also had regional success in True To One. After a few lineup changes, the band found their stride when they added Florida native, JT Silvestri on drums and Wes Johnson on bass guitar. 

The band has been making huge strides month after month since then. The band was honored with an AFE Tour for the troops in 2008 and 2012 brought some label interest, but nothing that was the right fit. 2013 held the first SXSW showcase for the band, and 2014 brought a performance at Rocklahoma and the mainstage at Sturgis, as well as several national opener slots. After much local success and national/international radio airplay from the band's debut album, "Dark Before The Dawn", the band began work ing with award-winning producer, Beau Hill on tracks that would begin the band's second release, titled "Treason".  Treason officially released on June 8, 2015.

In early 2015, the band signed with Star 1 Records, and are scheduled to release "Treason" on Universal Music Group's distribution network, INgrooves. The video for "Who We Are", the first single from the new album, was released in January, 2015, on Viacom's network, including MTV.

A Course of Action is a band to watch. Hailing from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, the group brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. That coupled with a strong DIY work ethic, the band seems poised for great things.

Once the band was asked, "what is your gimmick?" The answer was, "there is no gimmick. We are just four normal guys from the South making great rock music." 

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