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A Course of Action is a powerful foursome that brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. They are known for incredibly tight live shows, commercial edgy, radio-friendly, hard-rock music that promises to break the cycle of “new” rock styles and refocuses listeners on solid rock music, with clear influences of Alice in Chains, Tool, Sevendust and current influences such as Alter Bridge and Chevelle.

Lead guitarist, Jonathan Byrd, played on the national scene in a Mercury Records act known as Copperhead in the early 1990’s, but when that band met their demise, he and founding member, Tony Hawkins, formed Hybrid in 2000. They recruited for 3 years to find the right singer to solidify their vision for Hybrid, and they found that reality in John Culberson, a South Carolina native who also had regional success in True To One. After a few lineup changes, the band found their stride when they added Florida native, JT Silvestri on drums and Wes Johnson on bass guitar. 

The band has been making huge strides month after month since then. The band was honored with an AFE Tour for the troops in 2008 and 2012 brought some label interest, but nothing that was the right fit. 2013 held the first SXSW showcase for the band, and 2014 brought a performance at Rocklahoma and the mainstage at Sturgis, as well as several national opener slots. After much local success and national/international radio airplay from the band's debut album, "Dark Before The Dawn", the band began work ing with award-winning producer, Beau Hill on tracks that would begin the band's second release, titled "Treason".  Treason officially released on June 8, 2015.

In early 2015, the band signed with Star 1 Records, and are scheduled to release "Treason" on Universal Music Group's distribution network, INgrooves. The video for "Who We Are", the first single from the new album, was released in January, 2015, on Viacom's network, including MTV.

A Course of Action is a band to watch. Hailing from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, the group brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. That coupled with a strong DIY work ethic, the band seems poised for great things.

Once the band was asked, "what is your gimmick?" The answer was, "there is no gimmick. We are just four normal guys from the South making great rock music." 

A Course of Action is proudly endorsed by Clayton Guitar Accessories, Soultone Cymbals, DC Axes and Curt Mangan Strings.


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"Barely three and a half months after signing with national label, Star 1 Records, A Course of Action’s newest rock/metal album is set to drop on June 8 – and they’re bringing the party to Hickory. The band is celebrating the release of “Treason” at The Wizard Saloon on June 6 and they’ll be playing the whole album – a disk they recorded in their Connelly Springs studio. ACOA will be surrounded with friends and local bands at the show. Carving the Architect will kick off the show followed by Fiftywatt Freight Train and Meliora. It’s been a long road, but ACOA is gaining some serious momentum. They’re fresh off their second, and probably most memorable set at Rocklahoma where they refused to let a mammoth storm ruin the party. And now INgrooves, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, is handling their new album’s worldwide release. ACOA is a band with deep southern roots, but don’t mistake them for a “southern rock” band. Their edgy hard rock sound channels influences like Alice in Chains, Tool and Sevendust. You’ll also hear echoes of current bands like Alter Bridge and Chevelle. ACOA’s radio-friendly and accessible while staying true to their rock and metal roots – a sound the band’s drummer, J.T. Silvestri, has dubbed “Rettle … or Mock.” It’s a sound that mellowed when they played an acoustic set after torrential rains and flooding crushed their plans over the May 23 weekend at Rocklahoma in Pryor, Okla. – about 50 miles outside of Oklahoma City . “Rocklahoma was right in the middle of that huge storm – it was b iblical, man,” Culberson said. “We didn’t get to play our set. Stages collapsed and they evacuated the place.” But there were still 75 to 100 people seeking shelter in the AXiS stage tent. In the wee hours of the morning ACOA decided to play for the stragglers in the lightning, thunder and tornado warnings. “It was about 2:45 in the morning – I was asleep in the RV – when they knocked on the door,” Culberson said. “When I stepped out I was up to my knees in the mud, dude! I went out there and played and sang in mud boots and a rain poncho – it was amazing!” It was a moment of rock ‘n’ roll intimacy, the kind ACOA prides themselves on giving their fans. It’s that dedication to their fans, built grit and heart, that led the band to record their album twice over a two year period. Their lead guitarist and producer Jonathan Byrd was dead set on getting it right and the band agreed. “In the end , it was so much better because we had played these songs so much , the energy just came out so much better, because we’ve been playing these songs on tour and we’ve really got them down,” Culberson said. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever been a part of in my career.” The disk drops on June 8, but if you want a sneak peek you can come out to the ACOA CD Release Party on June 6. And they’ll have plenty of pre-street copies of “Treason” if you want to pick one up.

— Richard Gould, Hickory Daily Record (May 28, 2015)

A Course of Action has been rocking the Rettle for 11 years. Its current four-man lineup is coming up on three years as a unit. And last month they signed the biggest contract of their lives – a deal with a national record label – Star 1 Records. That deal and their official video for the song “Who We Are” is getting them attention from MTV and radio play from Dallas and Phoenix to New York City and Milwaukee. And Rettle? That’s something the band came up with a few days ago. “We play hard rock, metal. We’re not trying to cross over,” said the band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist John Culberson. “What’s the combination of rock and metal?” ACOA’s drummer J.T. Silvestri piped up with a quick answer and mischief in his eye. “Rettle! … or Mock.” “That’s it – we’re Rettle,” said bass player Wes Johnson. During the day they’re regular guys with regular jobs – except for their lead guitar player, Jonathan Byrd. He’s a third-shift security guard and his band mates say he’s nocturnal. Johnson keeps his long brown tresses tucked under his baseball cap. He’s a father to twin 15-year-old boys and works as a construction supervisor. Silvestri is 6-foot-5 and quick with sarcasm and a wisecrack. He rocks a beat-up black leather jacket and his oldest daughter is a college student. His youngest daughter is a high schooler. Culberson spends his days cutting meat, but he can’t conceal his passion when he talks about his love for music and his unquenchable drive to make it big. Culberson describes A Course of Action’s sound as modern rock alternative, and all four members cite the band Sevendust as a huge inspiration. ACOA is the remedy to the boredom you feel when you’re sick of the same old songs the radio plays all day. If you love rock, but the speakers on your iPhone just can’t hit hard enough to punch you in the sternum, it might be time to head out to a venue where real live musicians are working their guts out to put on the kind of show that knocks you on your butt and leaves you begging for more. And if you’re looking for a rock show where you can see a regional band that’s poised to break big – you’re going to want to check out A Course of Action’s next gig. See the official video for “Who We Are” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE7RM_yyw5c “Who We Are” is a hard-driving and powerful song about pleasure and pain, joy and injustice and what it is to be human. The drums and bass drive the tune. The guitar soars as Culberson punches out the chorus: “We all live this life of confusion. We all have to live with our scars. We’re lost children searching for answers, And that’s who we are.” “I sing this way because that’s who I am,” Culberson said. “My goal has never been to write a ‘hit song.’ I just write what’s in my heart.” And the industry is starting to take notice. Last month, in the biggest moment of the band’s career thus far, ACOA rolled into Asheville to open a show at the Orange Peel for the Grammy-winning hard rock outfit Halestorm (who’s in the Top 10 in the charts right now). It’s the kind of opportunity they hope keeps coming their way. “There’s only so far an indie band can go on its own,” Silvestri said. “We’ve reached a national record label on our own – independently. This is the next step. Being on a label solidifies our reach and gives us access to the official charts.” Johnson agreed. “This record deal is going to take us from a regional act to the national level,” Johnson said. “It’s now putting our music in radio stations and on websites so that people can access it around the world.” ACOA’s music is accessible. It’s hard – driving rock, but it’s radio-friendly. And Culberson is focused on making sure it stays unique. Check out ACOA’s sound by streaming their first album “Dark Before the Dawn” on their website at http://acourseofaction.com/music/. “When I rolled into the parking lot, I was listening to an Ice Cube song and then a Slipknot song started up,” he said. “You can’t put us in a box. We’re southern musicians, but we’re not southern rock.” Culberson’s musicality and his songwriting focus owe a lot to his roots. “I sang gospel and blues before I ever sang my first rock song,” he said. “My mom and my sister used to sing on a gospel radio show.” “We play hard rock, but I love storytelling. I love Johnny Cash, I love Kris Kristoferson,” Culberson said. “Every song I write tells a story. Whether you work at the Hickory Daily Record or cut meat at Food Lion like I do, the same kinds of songs relate to everybody.” ACOA’s new album is a homegrown product that they recorded in their Connelly Springs studio. It’s called “Treason” and it’s scheduled for a mid-March release. In the meantime, the band’s focus is all about going out on tour and living on the road. “It’s tough to chase something that’s so hard to get and you’re playing all night and working all day,” Culberson said. “But for us, the big picture is beyond the local scene. We want to become a national act. Every time we get in front of a crowd it blows up, but getting out on the road full time – it takes money to make that happen.” “We just want to replace our incomes so we can get out on the road,” Johnson said. “But that’s really tough because we’re guys with families,” Silvestri added. They’ve got big goals, but the guys in the band are careful to count the blessings they encounter along the way. “People ask me if we’re ever going to ‘make it’ – whatever that means – but I tell them, ‘Music has afforded me the opportunity to go around the world and play in front of the troops,’” Culberson said. “A rich man would probably pay you half of his fortune to have the opportunities I’ve had.” “We’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’m not going to stop. I’m always going to be playing and writing music,” Culberson said. “We are going to continue to do what we do because it’s who we are.”

— Richard Gould, Hickory Daily Record (Feb 12, 2015)

Set to be hosted May 22-24 in Pryor, Oklahoma, Rocklahoma 2015 kicks off the summer with a slew of rock bands doing the genre justice, including headliners Linkin Park, Tesla, Godsmack and Slayer. One such band is A Course of Action, out of Connelly Springs, North Carolina, who will take the Rocklahoma stage and make it into their own rock playground, performing their repertoire of songs that speak to any and all listeners. The appearance marks yet another festival stage they’ve rocked over the years. Appealing to the common man, A Course of Action says their songs are, “taking rock back to the days when songs were written about stuff that real people relate to. It is meant to reach the common man and touch him on a level that he understands.” The band aims to touch each listener in a personal way that makes them find an emotion or memory in themselves that they can identify with through the lyrics they’re hearing. All the while, these words are backed by music that gets them moving, having been inspired by such legends as Kiss, Van Halen, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin and Tool. A Course of Action is thus most commonly described as sounding like Sevendust and Alter Bridge with hints of Tool and Alice in Chains. With this in mind, the band still exudes its own unique personality in the melodies and rhythms they’ve devised. This sound can be heard on their two albums, Dark Before the Dawn (2011) and the Rocklahoma EP (2014). A Course of Action, comprised of Jonathan Byrd (lead guitar), John Culberson (vocals, rhythm guitar), Wes Johnson (bass, backing vocals) and JT Silvestri (drums), features talented musicians with a long line of experience. In the early 90s, Byrd was in a band called Copperhead, who was signed to Mercury Records, and the other members also have longstanding musical interests. “I don’t think anything makes you want to start playing,” said Byrd. “It’s something you are just drawn to. For me, it was a calling, not a choice.” Over the years, A Course of Action has had a number of opportunities for large-scale live performances. In 2008, they did a USO-type tour overseas for the troops, when they visited Singapore and Diego Garcia for three weeks. In 2013, they performed at an unofficial showcase for SXSW. And in 2014, they performed at Rocklahoma, which led to still another opportunity: being hand-picked to be main stage performers at the Sturgis Bike Rally with Sevendust and Buckcherry. Their upcoming performance at Rocklahoma is the latest major appearance they’ll have, and there’s no slowing in their festival bookings. In addition to these performances, A Course of Action has also shared the stage with a number of significant artists, particularly in the past 18 months. They include Winger, Saliva, Saving Abel, Eye Empire, Mindset Evolution and Tantric, to name a few. Another upcoming recording appearance will be a featured track on WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 10, a collection of international independent artists who WiFi PR wants to put on the radar of music lovers and industry tastemakers the world over. Set to be released at SXSW, this digital mixtape will be handed out on 3,500 download cards to festival attendees, and 1,500 download copies will be made available on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp page. Rock lovers need to catch A Course of Action’s upcoming performance at Rocklahoma 2015, where the band will be speaking to every listener in the audience with rock music that grooves them and lyrics that move them. In the meantime, listeners can check out the band’s music on ReverbNation or SoundCloud or learn more about them on their website.

— Wi Fi PR Group (Jan 22, 2015)

North Carolina quartet A Course of Action are considered 'the band next door' - resonating with many fans as 'four normal guys from the South making great rock music'. However, their latest releases '107' and 'Who We Are' have exposed their talent to a whole new level - becoming the talk of the town in the rock and metal spectrum. Neighbouring on bands such as Sevendust, Five-Finger Death Punch and Alter-Bridge, A Course of Action are rapidly drawing attention from fans across America and gaining an international following since their single releases. Playing weekly shows across the south in the U.S, the band is gaining a loyal following with enthusiastic live performances and a quality sound. The band's first debut studio album, Dark Before the Dawn stands as a testament to 'hard work paying off' for the band. After months of production, the nine track album rose to both domestic and international success - with album tracks playing on stations Q Star Radio and Occupation Radio, and online stations Jango Music, IndyPalooza, and Raidio Corca Baiscinn (Ireland) providing increased exposure for a growing number of fans. Now, A Course of Action are expanding on thematic structures, sonic richness and a solid rock base within their most recent releases, '107' and 'Who We Are'. '107' in particular is the band's triumph: providing a seamless mainstream metal sound that is carried out with expert precision and diligence. With a Stone Sour-esque vibe to the chorus, metal and rock fans can't help but become absorbed in the rough vocals, clever lyrics and killer guitar-shreding solos characteristic of classic rock and metal sound. '107' has become increasingly more popular with fans since its release. It is a prime example of the band's capabilities, however both fans and reviewers alike urge ACOA not to rest on their laurels just yet - as the track allows room to both progress and develop in future albums in terms of finding a niche for themselves, and developing from classic genres to a more diverse and original sound. 'Who We Are' to an extent demonstrates some of these capabilities. This track slows down the tempo in comparison to the band's other releases, showcasing the band's adaptability to both hard and soft rock styles. However, in doing so, the chorus is perhaps not as punchy as 107 and tracks from Dark Before the Dawn. 'Who We Are' is best suited for fans of bands such as Creed or Shinedown, as it is a distinct step away from the hard rock of the band's previous work. By juxtaposing 'Who We Are' with the band's former releases, it is difficult to speculate where ACOA may head in the future. With glimpses of diverse directions to which they may lead, it will be interesting to see whether the band continues their hard-rock roots, or branches out into softer rock sub-genres seen in their latest tracks. Either way, A Course of Action seem to be on the path to success. With a plethora of live shows on the horizon, fans will love whatever course the band decides to take.

— Lily Pavlovic - Songs That Should Be Mainstream Blog (Oct 15, 2013)

"Twitter recently told me a band called A Course Of Action started following me. I never heard that name before, so I decided to check them out and was surprised by how great their music is. It has the same charm as Alter Bridge's music and I am a huge fan of Alter Bridge! You can hear that there is a lot of experience with music in ACOA and that all they really care about is the music they make, or like they say: "There is no gimmick, we are just four normal guys from the South making great rock music." Who We Are is a lovely song from this band. I think they have a lot of potential to become true rock stars and I hope to see them in Europe soon! Because this is a band to watch!"

— Sfeja's Music Blog (Dec 30, 2014)

North Carolina's own, A Course of Action, a regional unsigned favorite, has been selected to perform at Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK, this Memorial Day Weekend. Rocklahoma is a 4-day rock festival featuring past and current rock giants and has 4 stages that rotate talent from around the world. The Axis Entertainment Stage showcases local, regional and national unsigned talent that is emerging onto the national stage. A Course of Action is a powerful foursome that brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. They are known for incredibly tight live shows, commercial edgy, radio-friendly, hard-rock music that promises to break the cycle of "new" rock styles and refocuses listeners on solid rock music, with clear influences of Alice in Chains, Tool, Sevendust and Alter Bridge. The band has opened for numerous national acts and has performed at South-by-Southwest in an unofficial showcase in 2013. Lead guitarist, Jonathan Byrd, played on the national scene in a Mercury Records act known as Copperhead in the early 1990's, but when that band met their demise, he and former Copperhead bassist, Tony Hawkins formed Hybrid in 2000. They recruited for 3 years to find the right singer to solidify their vision for Hybrid, and they found that reality in John Culberson, a South Carolina native who also had regional success in True To One. Hybrid had a lot of regional success from 2003 until 2008, but with the advent of social marketing, the name Hybrid became too broad to brand. The band was at a crossroads, and with an imminent name change, also came a lineup change, when the band parted company with drummer, Okey Parsons. The band soon added Florida native, JT Silvestri on drums and most recently, the band said goodbye to founding member, Tony Hawkins, but gained Wes Johnson on bass guitar. This lineup was the magic recipe. Hailing from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, the group brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. That coupled with a strong DIY work ethic, the band seems poised for great things. Once the band was asked, "what is your gimmick?" The answer was, "there is no gimmick. We are just four normal guys from the South making great rock music." A Course of Action is proudly endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and Clayton Guitar Accessories. The band is currently supporting their debut, full length album, titled "Dark Before The Dawn", but is imminently completing their sophomore release, due for an early may launch. The band can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and is for sale through many outlets such as CD Baby and ITunes. (http://top40-charts.com/news.php?nid=99440)

— Top 40 Charts (Apr 14, 2014)

STURGIS | Motorsports Music and Motorcycle Festival guests can grab one final fistful of rally-style rock ‘n’ roll on the last Saturday of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s 2014 Festival with performances from Buckcherry, Sevendust and A Course of Action. Screaming hot, heavy metal rockers, Buckcherry, will headline this last-chance bash on the Wolfman Jack Main Stage Saturday, Aug. 9, taking the party to a new crescendo and ending the Sturgis Rally on a high note with hits such as “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry.” A Course of Action will drive the beat in the right direction and get the party started at 7 p.m. Then as things get hot and sweaty, Sevendust will ratchet up the action with new hits and old favorites at 8:30 p.m. Sevendust will shred tunes such as “Enemy” and “Black” with its trademark alternative metal styling, driving the audience to its feet before Buckcherry takes over at 10:30 p.m. “We pulled together a great line-up for the final day of the Rally this year,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President. “The whole Festival is amazing but we wanted to send off the 2014 Rally with a bang.” The full headline concert line-up for the Buffalo Chip’s nine-day Motorcycle and Music Festival published at www.BuffaloChip.com is: Friday, Aug. 1 – Loverboy and Friday Fest with six bands, dance troupes and free beer Saturday, Aug 2 – The Cult, Queensrÿche and Lovebettie Sunday, Aug. 3 – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Collective Soul and Jared James Nichols Monday, Aug. 4 – Zac Brown Band, John Mayall and 4onthefloor Tuesday, Aug. 5 – Mötley Crüe - The Final Tour with Alice Cooper, and Sweet Cyanide Wednesday, Aug. 6 – ZZ Top. Florida Georgia Line and Winner of the Big Sturgis Gig Thursday, Aug. 7 – Train, Pop Evil and Pistol Day Parade Friday, Aug. 8 –Cheap Trick, The Pretty Reckless and Sweet Cyanide Saturday, Aug. 9 – Buckcherry, Sevendust and A Course of Action More than 40 bands will be performing this year on the seven Buffalo Chip stages scattered throughout the campground. Passes for the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling™ may be reserved online at www.BuffaloChip.com or by calling 605-347-9000.

— Deb Holland, Rapid City Journal (Jul 7, 2014)

A Course of Action, fresh off their debut performance at Rocklahoma over Memorial Day Weekend, has been selected to take the main stage at The Legendary Buffalo Chip during the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD. “To say we are humbled is an understatement,” says the band. As part of the 2014 Sturgis Concerts Rocks Rally, the band will perform on the Wolfman Jack Stage alongside Sevendust and Buckcherry to round out the final night of performances on Saturday, August 9. The band brings a melodic hard rock sound and great live show, which will compliment this bill. In fact, they credit Sevendust as a major influence on their music. This pinnacle performance is one of a string of major accomplishments for the band, whose roots are in the western NC mountains. Within two years, the band has performed for Jivewired America at an unofficial showcase during the acclaimed SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, performed for major industry professionals as part of the Exposed Music Festival and most recently rocked out at Rockahoma in Pryor, OK, as part of the Axis Entertainment Stage lineup. Back at home, the band has become a favorite for national shows in and around central and western NC. “We hope this amazing opportunity will finally put the pieces of the puzzle in place for us. The last two years have held some awesome experiences, and we always have fun seeing where it will lead us next,” says the band’s singer, John Culberson. “This one though, will probably be the largest show of our careers, but we are ready.” The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally draws as many as 500,000 people annually for the concert series, which takes place from August 1-10, 2014. Along with the other headliners this year - The Cult, Queensryche, Collective Soul, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Zac Brown Band, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, John Mayall, Florida Georgia Line, ZZ Top, Pop Evil, Train, The Pretty Reckless and Cheap Trick, A Course of Action joins the ranks of some of the top acts in the country. For more information on A Course of Action, find them at www.acourseofaction.com, and for more information on The Legendary Buffalo Chip, visit www.buffalochip.com and make reservations to see the show!

— Sheree Byrd, Manager (Jun 29, 2014)

The Buffalo Chip has literally planned A Course of Action to melt faces on the final day of the 2014 Sturgis Rally. A Course of Action is both the plan and the band! This intense rock metal quartet will roar into the Rally on Saturday, Aug. 9 to add its spine-tingling set list to the legendary lineup of Sturgis concerts on the Wolfman Jack Stage just prior to Sevendust and Buckcherry. A Course of Action will bring you to your knees as guitarist, Jonathan Byrd, scorches the main stage with metal-infused rock rhythms, screeching harmonics and radio-ready melodies to complement the haunting sounds of vibrant vocalist, John Culberson. With his alternative metal swagger, Culberson packs a chilling stage presence and vocal range that will keep your ears ringing long after the show’s over! As the opener for nationally renowned acts, Saving Abel, Trapt and Saliva, A Course of Action has rocked audiences around the country at events such as Rocklahoma and SXSW, but these metal marvels are even more eager to close out the Buffalo Chip’s nine-day music festival with a bang. Take A Course of Action to reserve your passes for the Chip’s August music festival now before it's too late! And be sure to check out the rest of the Chip’s legendary lineup of Sturgis concerts!

— Buffalo Chip Sturgis News (Jun 26, 2014)

NORTH CAROLINA GROUP TO PERFORM AT 2014 ROCKLAHOMA FESTIVAL MEMPHIS, TENN. (May 8, 2014) – Hickory, North Carolina-based hard rock band A Course of Action is set to perform at the eighth annual Rocklahoma music festival. The event will take place May 22nd – 24th, at the "Catch the Fever" Festival Grounds in Pryor, Oklahoma and is billed as “America’s biggest Memorial Day Weekend party”. The four-day event is headlined by hard-rock stalwarts Kid Rock, Five Finger Death Punch, Staind, Twisted Sister, Deftones, and Theory of a Deadman. A Course of Action is scheduled to perform on the AXIS Entertainment stage on Saturday, May 24th. "We are very excited to join the bill for this incredible event,” stated singer John Culberson. “It’s interesting that we are not going into it star-struck, but really feeling like this opportunity legitimizes what we've been working so hard to accomplish. We have what it takes to make it, and we hope the folks in Oklahoma walk away feeling the same way." A Course of Action is a powerful foursome that’s known for incredibly tight live shows featuring solid original material. The band’s primary musical influences are Alice in Chains, Tool and Sevendust. Established in 2007 as a classic rock destination festival with the motto "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Rock," Rocklahoma was revamped in 2010 as organizers teamed with AEG Live to create an event encompassing a much broader mix of classic, current and up-and-coming rock artists. For ticket information, please visit rocklahoma.com or call (866) 310-2288

— Jeff Droke (May 7, 2014)

"...sorry guys, just a moment...have to scoop my mind up off the walls, cause it's just been officially BLOWN!! Awesome!! What a tight, crisp, superbly powerful sound you have here..stunning production!! and I just love how heavy, driven, but also magically melodic and emotional your tracks are..that vocal and the huge guitar layers on "who we are" are fantastic..and I'm hovering in one place from sheer jelly-dance-thrills hearing that massive riff on "107"..whatever milk and oatcake yer mama fed y'all, it's freakin working!! Brillllliant!!"

— Mike White Presents, Producer, United Kingdom (Apr 27, 2014)

LONG VIEW – There’s a warehouse along U.S. 70. That’s where one local band will rehearse before taking the stage in Oklahoma in one of the biggest rock music festivals. Hard rock band A Course of Action is slated to perform May 24 at Rocklahoma, an annual hard rock festival in Pryor, Okla. Festival headliners include household names, such as Kid Rock and Staind. Members include vocalist John Culberson, guitarist Jonathan Byrd, bassist Wes Johnson and drummer J.T. Silvestri. For more than a year, they’ve recorded a new album, a follow-up to 2011’s “Dark Before the Dawn.” Culberson said the band is a couple months away from being ready to roll. Fans can help fund the album through www.gofundme.com. The title of the album is “Treason.” Culberson said the concept is a take on where the music industry is now. He described music piracy as having helped kill the golden goose and drive ticket prices higher. “I guess (it’s) our way of saying we’re not too happy with the current state of affairs as far as the music business is,” Culberson said. “It’s unfortunate. There’s a lot of sharks in the water right now.” Silvestri described the new album as “bringing in the boom.” Culberson thinks the songs keep the angry edge, but aren’t all about death and destruction. “If you turn on the news, and there’s not something on there that doesn’t piss you off, you’re lying,” Culberson said. “With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s pretty hard to not be at least a little bit angry.” “That’s why I think if people can open their ears, their minds and their hearts, they would really be able to relate lyrically to what this album is speaking about.” The band is fortunate in being more self-sufficient than other groups. They’ve invested the money they’ve made back into the band and now have their own studio and rehearsal space. “Of course, everyone wants to be rich and famous, but making music is what this band’s about,” Culberson said. Culberson admits Hickory isn’t a music hotbed, but momentum is picking up for the band. They still perform a local show every couple months. “The last couple years, everything has really started to steamroll for us now,” Culberson said. For information, visit www.rocklahoma.com or www.acourseofaction.com.

— John Tinkelenberg, Journalist (Apr 24, 2014)

A Course Of Action is proud and honored to announce that they have been slated to perform on the Axis Stage at Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma. Held on May 23rd, 24th, and 25th, it is a part of the Loudest Month of May Concert Tour sponsored by Budlight, Monster Energy Drink, and a host of other sponsors that range from Dr. Pepper to Jagermeister. With attendance expected to exceed 35,000 people this year, A Course Of Action is going to perform a long side acts such as Staind, Pop Evil, Trivium, and Adelitas Way on day 2 of the festival. If you have never heard of A Course of Action and have never heard their music it is a force to be reckoned with. With one of the best guitar tones of any band heard LIVE, their sound is thick and powerful with driving melodies and in your face drum rhythms. Vocals are as original as they come and with the power that lead singer John Culberson has, and his personality on stage, it brings the band to a new level of performance that only one can appreciate LIVE and on stage. Drummer JT Silvestri is as driving and as hard hitting as any drummer in the industry with a beast mentality that is powerful and mesmerizing when you see him behind a kit. Together with Jonathan Byrd handling his masterful guitar leads and sound engineering added to Wes Johnson’s effortless and pounding bass work, this group is as solid as any professional rock group in music today. A Course of Action comes with many styles and musical influences that are mixed with today’s modern rock sounds. Coupled with endorsements such as Clayton Accessories and Soultone Cymbols, the band as a whole is as unstoppable onstage as they are personable to their fans. The group is a driving, hard hitting machine that gives back to their fans what they give to them. Powerful, in your face, hard driving rock music, and are more than ready for the challenge to play on one of the biggest stages at one of the largest rock festivals held in the country.

— Michael Harris, GetAmped Magazine (Apr 16, 2014)

First, nobody WANTS to sound like somebody else, that almost insinuates that you are trying to copy what has already been done. Instead, an original up and coming band should be "searching" for their own particular brand AND sound that sets them apart, and makes them unique. There are a TON of local and unsigned bands out there, who either have a great sound, but a shitty sounding front man, or, they have a great sound, but "just stand there" and play, and have NO stage presence, thus they are boring to watch. Others, have a GREAT stage presence, and awesome show, but their music sucks...today, in order to achieve ANY level of success, you must possess "the total package". ACOA, is such a band, that has it all. A hard driving original sound, with outstanding vocals by John Culberson, without "all the screaming". Well thought out song composition and lyrics. AND an outstanding stage presence and electrifying show, that truly, must be seen and heard to be appreciated.(I love watching JT Silvestri attack those drums.) I personally, see big things happening for this band, and the right place and time, could propel them straight to the top! I am honored and privileged, to know these guys, and be able to call them friends.

— Gary Carota, Concert and Music Promoter, NC (Apr 13, 2014)

Best guitar tone of any band I have heard LIVE. Thick and powerful with driving melodies and in your face beats. Vocals are as original as they come and with the power that John Culberson has, and his personality on stage, it brings the band to a new level of performance that only you can appreciate LIVE and in the studio. JT Silvestri is as driving and as hard hitting as any drummer in the industry with a beast mentality that can only be appreciated when you see him behind a kit. With many styles and musical influences mixed with todays modern rock sound, this is a band that is as unstoppable onstage as they are personable to their fans. The group as a whole is a machine and give back to the fans what they give to them. Eclectic, hard driving rock music!

— Michael Harris, Live Performance Photographer (Apr 12, 2014)

"I wholeheartedly recommend A Course Of Action. They were such a hit at our SXSW event last year that we wanted them to headline this year, but they had to decline..."

— Michael Canter, Owner, Jivewired.com (Mar 4, 2014)

"I just don't understand why you guys aren't signed yet. You don't deserve to play in clubs anymore."

— Brandon Throneburg - Owner, Windy City Sundries (Dec 31, 2010)

"You guys are in the top 5 opening bands we've ever played with..."

— Tour Manager - Eye Empire (Nov 14, 2013)

(After playing to a sold out crowd in Raleigh, NC)..."I don't even know what to say about these guys. Yes, I do. You should not have been playing here tonight. You should have been playing across the street (at the amphitheater).

— Andy Washburn, NC Local Music - Promoter (Feb 15, 2014)

http://theindieplace.com/course-action-review/ After a successful debut of their first album, “Dark Before The Dawn,” and receiving rave reviews, A Course of Action has released two new singles that are sure to become chart toppers in no time. This alternative rock band with southern flair brings heavy and gritty guitar riffs, along with punchy lyrics, that will bring your head to an absentminded bang. The voices of John Culbertson, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jonathan Byrd, on lead guitar and backing vocals, harmonically blend together to give the melodies an intricacy rarely found in heavy rock music. Byrd’s steady and hard-hitting guitar playing are beautifully accompanied with Culbertson’s rhythm, while JT Silvestri on drums and Wes Johnson on bass guitar round out this rockin’ foursome from North Carolina. Their single, “107,” is the epitome of what we love about rock music. It exudes the, “I don’t care,” rocknroller attitude that makes good girls infatuated with bad boys. The band proudly states, “Welcome to the show,” and that’s exactly where you want to be; listening to this hit at a live concert. “Who We Are,” brings us the softer side of A Course of Action. The quintessential lyrics tug at your heartstrings, reminding us that we are all in this life together; whether you are rich or poor, young or old, “we are all lost children looking for answers.” Rather than thinking about all of our differences as human beings, this song brings about the idea that we can all be united together because we are all, ultimately, one in the same. After band name and lineup changes, A Course of Action has really found it’s stride, and is sure to become a fan favorite.

— Melissa Alton, The Indie Place (Sep 22, 2013)

At Standing Room Only it is our wish to put the spotlight on bands on the cusp of the national scene. I cannot believe that I am reviewing this CD and we have beat the rush. Amazing! As a North Carolina native I am so excited to present a review for you of the full length stellar album of this Western North Carolina based rock foursome, A Course of Action. Let me start off with the introductions: Jonathan Byrd – Lead guitar and founding member John Culberson – Vocals JT Silvestri – Drums Wes Johnson – Bass guitar The history of this band begins with its inception under the name Hybrid, by Jonathan Byrd and his former Copperhead band mate, Tony Hawkins. They enjoyed regional success from 2003 to 2008, when they changed names to A Course of Action. Hawkins recently left the group, making way for Wes Johnson to come on board. Their CD entitled Dark Before the Dawn was completely written, engineered and produced by A Course of Action, and when I listened to it for the first time I really found all of that so hard to believe. This first effort by these guys sounds so polished and professional it floors me to think they did it all themselves. When I looked over the press kit, I saw reference to influences of Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin and the like. But I have to tell you that what I loved most about A Course of Action was that vibe combined with the sound of Southern rock and roll. It comes as no surprise seeing that these guys hail from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Stands to reason their sound would find a special place in my heart. As I kicked back to enjoy the CD it was soon apparent that I would not be sitting still for the ride. I was immediately swept up into the driving beat of the opening track, Tell Me Why. The tune Never There was loaded with a heady mix of drums and hypnotic guitar that really made me wonder why I hadn’t heard of these guys before. On and on through the album, as soon as I thought I’d found my favorite, the next song would bump it for first place. Shadow is in my opinion musically perfect. It sucks you in like no other, and is so skillful you will be amazed. John Culberson has a voice that is commercially appealing to most everyone, and is seductive and soulful. At this moment I’m saying that Slow Burn Out is my absolute favorite on the album. This could totally change depending on the time of day. I will tell you for a fact they will all be on my MP3 and be awesome workout tunes. Reading other reviews of A Course of Action, it is said that they are a supreme, spot on live act. I promise you this much, this North Carolina girl plans to find out for herself in the very, very near future. Joey Ze, load the wagon my friend, we are heading towards the mountains. Be sure and check out A Course of Action on Facebook, ReverbNation and YouTube. I want to thank our friend in music and all things ROCK, Sunny Daniels-Hall for sending us this connection. Catch them while you can folks, they are so headed for the national stage. Hugs N Love <3, Nikki Savannah

— Nikki Savannah, SRO Mag (Aug 29, 2013)

The four members of this band show why they have proven to be a rock powerhouse. The edgy, "focused" tracks that they have laced into our ears, whether via a concert, or a mp3 or physical CD, this band is a force to be reckoned with. There is no doubt about it. A Course of Action, a band from Connely Springs, North Carolina, has a large distribution set up with CD Baby, which has enabled the band to reach out worldwide, and reach just about every fan there is. Their sound is similar to the likes of the bands Sevendust, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, and Alter Bridge. I really enjoyed the track "Never There". the riffs were off the hook, and the vocals mixed well. It was a song that really caught my attention from the very beginning, and that's the kind of song that intrigues me, and most rock fans out there. It kicks ass, in other words!! "See You Again", is another blistering track, which has mood elevations, like a bipolar maniac gone off his meds....it's one incredibly written song. The vocalist, John Culberson, has an excellent range, and reminds me of a mix between Lajon of Sevendust, and Mark Tremonti. I bought this album off of the internet, but I still need to get my hands on a physical copy, I love me some hard copies of albums that catch my attention! This album, if you have not noticed, definitely did!! Another excellent song on DARK BEFORE THE DAWN, is the brilliant track, "Tell Me Why". The guitars, blasted out there by bassist Wes Johnson, and lead guitarist Jonathan Byrd, are performed perfectly on this masterpiece of a cut. Of course, I cannot forget the man behind the brute force of it all, the drums. Mr. JT Silvestri, the man himself, provides us all with the drumming duties, and you gotta love that. A Course of Action recently finished up a song called, "107", in which 50% of the proceeds go to the charity "Love Hope Strength". The song is pretty solid, and rockin'. I highly recommend it, and suggest you point, click, and pay, then download it...it's for a great cause, and will do your speakers some good. Look for a bright, and very exciting future for this band, there is absolutely no doubt about that in my mind. I am certain the Carolina Rebellion will be headlined one day by these guys, and I am just stating this: you've been warned! RATING: 9.75/10

— The Vacant: Music You Must Own (Blog) (Mar 28, 2013)

A Course Of Action A Course Of Action is a heavy metal band from Connellys Springs in the USA with the line-up of Jonathan Byrd (Guitar), John Culberson (Vocals), Wes Johnson (Bass) and JT Silvestri (Drums). Whilst able to tear through rock numbers, A Course Of Action also have the ability to layer melodies in to the sound, all the time retaining a powerful injection of bass and drum to keep fans of rock music exactly on keel. Tightly played music is delivered with consummate ease and the listener is left in no doubt they are in the company of a well rounded band who know exactly the sound they are seeking to share. The fuzzed guitars swing around the room like an axe, cleaving through the space developing a focus for attention whilst the vocals and drums are given room to manoeuvre ensuring there is plenty for the ears to work with. Whilst their recorded material is well produced, A Course Of Action is also an extremely active live performance band and it is probably through the experience gained on the stage that the quartet are able to transfer that sense of life to the mixing desk with such seeming ease. Interestingly, whilst the guitars are given plenty of space for showcasing, it is within the context of the tracks, with breaks rarely lasting over four bars, always driving forward the progression of the piece, they are never given time to become self-indulgent – and for me – it is that ability that makes A Course Of Action a band worth some considerable time.

— Indie Bands Blog (Mar 10, 2013)

No gimmicks or tricks to be found with the North Carolina based band known as A Course of Action. What you will find with this group is straight forward kick tail rock and roll being created in the highest quality of musicianship. If you like your rock in the vein of AlterBridge, Chevelle, Tool and Alice in Chains to name a few, yet every bit original in its own right, then this quartet could be your “next find”. A Course of Action is currently supporting its full-length album entitled Dark Before The Dawn which is chock full of memorable hard rocking tunes, catchy choruses and is well worth your effort to check out. While this rock outfit has every right to be proud of their current project, the band isn’t about to rest on its laurels and is already actively tracking new songs for another project with plenty of touring on the horizon for the remainder of 2013. (See link for full article.) http://www.rockrevoltmagazine.com/acourseofactioninterview/

— Rock Revolt Magazine (Feb 11, 2013)

It’s almost impossible, but the first CD of the North Carolina based band A COURSE OF ACTION sounds like a major label release. The mixing and production is quite incredible and more important, the included material on the album is of a superb high level. OK, we already have bands like CREED, ALTER BRIDGE, SHINEDOWN and CHEVELLE ruling the Rock Airwaves in the USA, but A COURSE OF ACTION is definitely a nice welcome. The band does add a few influences from Classic Melodic Hardrock and Progressive Metal to the overall typical modern day American Rocksound. Especially the last 2 tracks add something extra, which sets them apart from the rest of the major label signed rockbands in America. “Dark before the dawn” has a massive Progressive Metal twist and closing track “Screaming” is excellent Melodic Hardrock like HAREM SCAREM circa ‘Mood swings’, 90s TALISMAN, a little TYKETTO and TEER during their independent debut album. However, most of the time it is pure modern American Rock with big fat groovy guitar riffs and melodic clean vocal choruses, with as one of the highlights the rather excellent opener “Tell me why”. Not only is the sound and production of this CDR really terrific, the band is also capable of writing and recording sensational songs only here, while the lead vocals of singer John Culberson are amazing (somehow reminding of HARRY HESS of HAREM SCAREM). The band’s guitarist is the actual founding member of A COURSE OF ACTION and he happens to be Jonathan Byrd, who played and recorded with major label act COPPERHEAD 20 years ago. With A COURSE OF ACTION however, Jonathan founded a band with a bright future, because their first record is an instant killer release. Definitely a band to watch out for in the future, as they could become the next big thing. Written by Gabor Rating Gabor 8/10

— Gabor Kleinbloesem, MyGlobalMind.com (http://myglobalmind.com/2013/01/27/a-course-of-action-dark-before-the-dawn-review/) (Jan 27, 2013)

Without a doubt one of the best pure Rock Bands you will ever hear and if you have listened to this band one time, you are most likely still listening to their addictive Rock sound to this day. It does not surprise me at all that A COURSE OF ACTION is The Band Of The Week. Along with their Killer songs, the band also has some of the most devoted fans I have seen.They support them in every thing they do and the band always keeps them informed and involved. It is like every fan they have, is truly a member of their own family. The Band contributes their sound to bands like Alice In Chains , Alterbridge , Chevelle , Sevendust and TOOL, BUT , the band I hear the most in their music would have to be EVE TO ADAM out of New York. A Course Of Action's music is smooth and nothing out powers anything else in the band which makes it so easy to listen to. If you have never had the chance to listen to this band do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Let the band know what you think and I guarantee you will not only hear some of the best music you ever listen to but find some of the best people you could have ever met.

— The Pit Unsigned Magazine (Jan 7, 2013)