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From the mouth of David Lynch:

This whole thing started out of necessity. Originally an acoustic player, I tried to talk with local bands to listen to the songs that were written but because I wasn't part of the "clique", I was looked at like a leper. Not one to give up, I got myself a bass guitar and drum machine so I could have a finished product to show other musicians. Slowly but surely, it all started to come together especially after I had 2 songs on full radio rotation without having a band.

I met Trevor through my wife; he was playing with a heavy metal band at the time and wanted to broaden his musicality and explore new styles. I worked with the bass player (Steve's) wife, when she told me he has guitars to sell. My first question, does he play bass? And that was that!

Simon was found on a musician forum website; coming from a heavy metal background and also a fluent drummer he will pack a punch for the next epic journey Creepin Daisy takes!


This is how Creepin Daisy was born! We have a large range of styles and cannot be classed in one particular genre; there is a heavy rock underlying influence with bits of punk, jazz, blues and heavy metal. Ask anyone who has seen or heard us, and they will tell you the same thing!


We have been on rotation with the following radio stations and look forward to being on many more!

Another Kiss

album: Green
genre: Rock/Punk
streams: 61
purchase: mp3, 3.3MB, 00:02:24
Another Kiss