Dan McCarthy

About Dan McCarthy

With its gorgeous overly conscientious lyrics and folksy songs, Dan has proven that he is a singer-songwriter that means business. In an industry flooded with perversely “perfect” imagery, he gives us the word of and the observations of an imperfect man in an imperfect world. Whatever the subject, Dan McCarthy can tackle it head on without compromising who he is. Dan McCarthy’s music is as bare-boned as is his soul to a world moving at speeds unfathomed as a society and civilization. In an era where family focus, in sync with the environment, has become disengaged, desensitized, disenchanted, and disillusioned and where natural born instincts and intuitions have been dulled by mere repetitions. It is in this environment that McCarthy, the modern-day chronicler, and troubadour turns out simple acoustic songs of remarkable wisdom and heritage on the spirit of man.


Ladybug Point

Ladybug Point

album: Single
genre: Folk, Americana