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Rock is back, and it arrives with Darker Still. Andy Frisk of Shutter 16 magazine describes Darker Still as "easily one of the best bands on Reverbnation". This gritty, knuckle grinding, powerhouse rock band shows us all why drums, bass, and a guitar is still the best way to kick ass and do it while looking good. Tony, Patrick, and Quinn somehow manage to feature all sides of rock in just a few short songs. Instantly catchy and unique, their music is wound around bass lines that would make John Entwistle tap his foot. Throw on a soaring, raspy vocalist and killer guitar riffs, each song carves its way into your mind and reminds you why rock remains supreme. Currently sitting at #8 on the Canadian Rock Charts on Reverbnation.  "I Had It All"  has been #1 on the Global Rock Charts on NumberOnemusic for 19 straight weeks and #1 All Genres for 16 straight weeks. "Could There Be" was the most requested song of the day and number 4 on the weekend countdown. "I Had It All" is in rotation coast to coast on American radio stations and in Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, and Canada.  

Listeners online have streamed over 170 000 song plays just this year. Word is spreading about this "modern rock band with a sound that mirrors some [of the] greats (Canada's Music, 2015)." After placing 6th in Canada in Hardrock Rising, Darker Still performed at the Hardrock Cafe in Toronto. In the International Songwriting Competition, the band's song "I Had It All " placed in the semifinals for best rock song. They were in an issue of Relix Magazine and are on the cd in the magazine with artists such as Tame Impala. Darker Still has opened for Zeus and for Jeff Martin. They have been a featured artist on TMB or The Music Box, as requested by fans. Darker Still was then included on the compilation cd that was distributed to The Music Box subscribers in December 2015.



I Had It All

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I Had It All