Eddy Faulkner

About Eddy Faulkner

Eddy Faulkner started songwriting in 2008 and in 2009 started composing music to his songs. In 2010 Eddy started his solo career and started putting his own music and covers of other artists on Facebook, YouTube, and many other places. His music at the start was more of a singer/songwriter, folk, acoustic, rock and blues/funk sound. It was about personal experiences, life, and love. Eddy's main influence was John Mayer back then, and other great artists such as Eric Clapton, BB King, Jason Mraz, and many others. At the start of 2012 Eddy started to gain influence from other areas of music such as Top 40, Pop Rock, and Rock music moving away from his original singer/songwriter roots. He started to move towards more of a mainstream feel finding his voice fitted actually better with the new songs.

Since 2010, Eddy continued to expand his songwriting, singing, and instrument technique and is always trying something new while still evolving. Eddy's mission since starting his career has always been to create music that is universal both sonically and lyrically. Eddy's music does not fit into one genre, but instead crosses over into many different genres. In the summer in 2013 Eddy wrote a song called "I Won't Give Up" which turned out to be his first release through Premier in 2014. The reception from "I Won't Give Up" was received enthusiastically by the masses with personal messages to Eddy about how it changed their lives, and even saved some of their lives just from the words. "I Won't Give Up" has since climbed the National Radio Airplay Charts and is now in the Top 100 Mainstream Charts and Top 50 Independent Charts. This shows that people not only enjoy the song, but they get what it is saying. Eddy loves making music and wants to keep making music that everyone around the world can enjoy and relate to for many years to come.