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Everyday Ritual was formed in 2008 by MC’s, Eyvre, Mr. Nice, and Truth. All three were recording artists in their own right, but decided to team up and make music together moving forward. Their first album was a self-titled release in 2010, and showcased their lyrical skills over beats produced in house. Since then they have gone on to record their latest album, “This American Dream”. Again, homegrown beats provided the soundtrack, and all three showcased their progression, both lyrically, and conceptually. What began as clearly underground raps over east coast, old school instrumentals, has progressed into a style that appeals to fans of all types of music. Everyday Ritual is preparing to take their music, their style, and their voices to the world stage. One which is desperate for good music, especially hip hop. With the addition of vocalist Atalia DiQuinzio, they are branching into a new genre of music--one which hopefully appeals to men and women of all ages.

 Everyday Ritual has always stressed the importance of their live performances, and have been blessed to perform many times, for audiences large and intimate. They have performed on stage with hip hop legends including Dead Prez, Keith Murray, Kurupt, B.o.B, and Killah Priest from the Wu-Tang Clan. ER is always looking for the next opportunity to impress upon new fans, and showcase their talents. Live shows being the only opportunity musicians have to meet face to face, and interact with those who listen to them, Everyday Ritual has proven time and time again that they are one of the best performing groups in hip hop today. They look forward to the time when they can showcase their skills to fans and listeners worldwide.

 Music is the motivation, and the members of Everyday Ritual have been putting in the work every day and are primed to take the next step in their journey. Nothing comes easy, but the members of ER have been paying dues for more than a decade and are ready for whatever comes next. As their saying goes, “Hip hop is life, and an Everyday Ritual.”

Voice of the Victorious

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Voice of the Victorious