Felah - Enkum Project

About Felah - Enkum Project

Felah – Enkum Project is a “Progressive-Flamenco” group from the city of Torreon, Mexico. The band’s music is comprised of original compositions that create a characteristic sound originated from the fusion of the diverse musical genres that range from flamenco, to tango, jazz, rock, classical, progressive and experimental.

Felah-Enkum Project originated on 2012 with Jorge de Llano (Lead guitar / Rhytmic guitar), who experimented back then with new sounds integrated to flamenco and started to make small compositions and/or musical experiments that fused together flamenco with rock/ progressive metal. This is the origin of the innovative and peculiar sound that characterizes the music of Felah-Enkum Project.

In 2013, Felah-Enkum Project’s first homonymous album was released under Premier Records Inc, a record label from Los Angeles, CA with whom the band signed a contract on October, 2013.

The music of Felah-Enkum Project has been critically acclaimed and accepted worldwide, primarily in Europe and in Asia, being these continents their main sales points, as well.

At the beginning of 2014, the group started promoting their first album with a small tour around the country (Mexico) along with Kenichi Tamura, a flamenco guitarist from Japan.

The following months the band’s surroundings and lineup underwent diverse changes, such as the departure of Hernán Lugo (Former percussionist) and Carlos Quintero (Former rhythmic guitarist), who decided to leave Felah-Enkum for personal reasons and were replaced by Gerardo Raigoza (Present Percussionist) and Javier Aguilera, who will be the rhytmic guitarist from January, 2015. Furthermore, the band signed with Star One Entertainment, a new record label through whom the debut album can be purchased.

The band is currently working on their second album and will play in Japan on December, 2014 and some European countries over the course of 2015.

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