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Garret Rein: Reining Over His Talent

This composer and rhythm guitarist not only writes all of his songs, but he offers a wonderful vibe with his vocals. Mr. Rein offers an immense amount of Rockage to the scene that he has been signed to Track Hunters, which is a Texas Music Licensing agency.

 Garret not only has the talent and the following, but he has amazing aspirations of signing with more agencies to allow everyone who is willing to listen to his songs that are well constructed and is an in depth look of this man. He also plans on owning his own publishing company!

 Garret has been featured in different magazines that include Rock n Roll Industries, Sceneazine, Woodbangers, and Fanbase Music Magazine, which featured him on the "Front Cover". He even has a hand drawn logo located on the Bathroom Wall page of Rock n Roll Industries, depicting many big bands and other logo names like:

       Judas Priest
       Quiet Riot
       And more

 Although Garret is a local treasure of sweet a** music as stated by the local newspaper piece in the "Hi Desert Star" located in Yucca Valley, California, he is being recognized all over the nation. As you can see he is kicking major a** in the music scene, but what about his live performances?

Garret Rein offers a lively performance each and every time he graces the stage. He has performed locally, as well as at well-known venues like Roxy Theatre located in Hollywood. In November of 2013, Rock My Monkey energy drinks featured Garret. (Hey, Garret, send some our way please?) Rock My Monkey energy drinks is one of the juices that kicks the locals of Washington State in the butt.

Breaking through from the stigma of being a local rocker to a nationally known act, Garret is spreading his Kickassery over the globe. You can find him on social media networks like Facebook to connect and listen to him on different audio platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, and so much more. So, if you are new to Garret Rein, get off your behind and Google this rocker before you are left in the dust! 



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