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Greg Golden learned to play the guitar by ear and has been playing and touring in bands since the ’60’s and ’70’s. In 1974, touring took a back seat to opening Bizarre Guitars and Guns in Reno, where Golden has been an avid collector and seller of guitars ever since. But he never lost the love for playing guitar and teamed up with drummer Boris Tavcar, bassist Tony Phoenix and vocalist Randy Scoles to release his Frank Hannon-helmed debut album.

“Far Away” blazes through that intersection between arena rock and glam metal at top speed, without bothering to look for oncoming traffic. It is everything that the Greg Golden Band signifies; big guitars, soaring vocals and power drumming. Scoles has authoritative pipes like Sebastian Bach or Vince Neil, while Golden lays down a super heavy riff. The song is the catchiest on the album and a surefire headbanger. “Old School” is another heavy rocker that will elicit plenty of sing-a-longs. Frank Hannon guests on vocals and Golden’s guitar scorches across the frets in this ode to fist-pumping rock.

The album is certainly big on guitars and Golden shines when in the spotlight. The solo on “Deep South” is a sweet ascension from Earth and “Back to Reno” is a straight bar-rocker built on Golden’s riffage.

The album is heavy and direct without many frills. Golden can definitely flex his guitar muscle and packs the songs with plenty of beefy guitar playing. This album is perfect for those who want to put on their old L.A. Guns sleeveless T-shirt and peel into the desert in a black Trans-Am, equipped with a 12-pack and an afternoon to kill.


Burning Hearts

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Burning Hearts