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My name is Haley Tibbs. I am a singer/songwriter/model/aspiring engineer from Phoenix, Arizona. I started performing back in elementary school when my mother choreographed dances for me and my sisters to perform at talent shows. From there, I discovered my love for live performances -- otherwise known as musicals. Then I bought my first guitar at age 14, taught myself how to play, and I absolutely fell in love. From there I started writing my own music, and here I am today.

I started classifying my music as pop/country, but then I started getting more into Indie/rock, which is where I think my music resides. I love country, I love pop, I love Indie, I love Rock. In my opinion music cannot be classified, and I never saw myself as a one type of entertainer. How can one artist be one type of music? How can one person sing with one world?

I perform at bars, clubs, malls, hotels, coffee shops, any stage that I can jump onto anywhere from Phoenix to Tennessee. One day I hope to share my music with the world, and I hope you follow my journey to get there. 
I am open to suggestions, song requests, and journeys to inspire said songs. Life is what you make it, so why not touch the stars?

I model to put a face on someone. I love the creative side of life, and how a change of face, a change of clothes, a change of attitude can create so much art. I started modeling when I was 18. I do print, runway, and am open to anything creative and classy. I don’t want modeling to be about “pretty girls” I want it to be about creativity and life, edge and power, sludge and glitter. 

I model to create the side of life that people cannot see, I write to inspire people to listen to the side of life they cannot hear, and I perform to build a life no one has ever seen.

Keep it real folks. I hope to one day create a world where you can all dance with me. ♥

I Choose You

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I Choose You