Kenny Charles

o Kenny Charles

Kenny Charles is more than just your average run of the mill Country Singer, his voice has been described to the high vocal range of Keith Urban, and the unique tone of Don Henley. His songwriting is also unique, and very different from the rest.. if you don't believe so, listen to his latest album "Lightning In A Bottle". Kenny's biggest influential songwriter's are Jeffery Steele, Don Henley & Glen Frey.

His is musical journey he began singing in school plays at the age of 6 and was playing in local band in Los Angeles. It wasn't until he was encourage to sing lead vocals in a Christian Rock Band that he discovered his true talent. From there he played the local clubs in a Rock and Roll band. He soon found out Country Music was his real calling. His Dad being from the Mid-West influenced him to pick up the guitar and write country music, it turns out it was a perfect fit for him. 

Presently in 2014, Kenny has recorded his soon to be released sophomore lp "Lightning In A Bottle" that followed his first solo record "Best Man For You". He was selected by Go Country 105.1 in Southern CA. and "The Highway to play the Texaco Country Show down 3 consecutive years in a row. Kenny has been named "One to Watch" by NSAI Songwriters of Nashville and also attends his songwriters group in Pasadena, CA with leader Seth Jackson. 

Kenny's latest single "Drunk Wedding Day" has been the most request #1 song from an independent Country artist on KIX Country 92.1/ 96.3 FM Radio in Nov. 2014 & * 2 in December 2014.  

Jan 2015 started the New Year with a "bang" releasing his brand newly talked about single called "I Get That"  March 24th 2015.  It was voted most requested song at its debut Aril 4th.  Kenny was also selected to be the featured "Country Artist" twice, on Brad Mercer's Radio Show airing on KIX Hot Country 92.1/96.1 FM Saturday Jan 8th 2015 & Saturday March 28th 2915.

I hope to see you out there some day. in some venue, on some stage.... but until then, stay connected with me via Facebook & Twitter! Keep watching for a performance in your area! And PLEASE be sure to tell all of your freinds about my music!