Lana Gibson

About Lana Gibson

Country Music touches and tugs at the hearts of all and listening to pioneers in Country music such as Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves are Lana Gibson’s earliest musical memories. Her parents were avid fans of those country greats. Like most singers Lana starting singing at a young age in local talent shows. She then joined a local folk choir and in her late teens and taught herself to play the guitar.

Lana married her husband John in 1983. John also plays guitar and has a passion for Country music and introduced Lana to many new singers in the Country genre. That's where her love of country music really began. The couple went on to form a two piece band in early 1992 called “Two of A Kind”. The duo gained moderate success until 2000 playing pubs and small dancehalls around Munster (Southern Ireland). They were also a very popular support act for some of Ireland's top country bands at that time. In 1999 Lana also founded a local folk choir which often featured instruments like Pedal Steel and Dobro. This musical apprenticeship developed Lana into quite a songstress. When you hear Lana Gibson for the first time, you will hear her bring excitement and passion to her music and at live venues she has a strong stage presence.

By the late 1990’s Lana had two children Ursula and Simon, but she still continued her interest in music.   In 2001 Lana went on to front a band called the “Ranch Hands”.  As lead singer with the band, audiences were impressed with her vocal prowess and commanding alto with soft undertones. In 2003 the “Ranch Hands” split and Lana went on to perform briefly with “The Show Band All-Stars” and “The Fender Band”.  At this point Lana formed “The City Limits Band”. The band played pub gigs, private functions and weddings and even were invited to England to play in 2007. The band continued gigging locally until her husband John who played lead guitar with the band fell ill in late 2009.

Due to the economic downturn also at that time many pubs and bars gave up having live bands and as a consequence came the demise of the City Limits Band.  You may wonder why you haven’t heard of Lana Gibson before, well maybe sometimes the best wine is saved until last. She also has raised monies for various charities especially the (Irish Cancer Research Society)down through the years and still continues to do so.

Lana Gibson is a dedicated, hard working singer with the passion of music in her heart. . She's a master of the hardest instrument in the world, the voice!  She sings pure Country authentically.
Distinctive, unique, talented, terrific, are just some of the positive comments she's received from around the World. Her musical journey has taken some unusual turns, ups and quite a few downs but she continues and still finds the time to keep her music moving forward.

Every now and then someone comes along that makes us sit up and listen............Lana Gibson does exactly that and more.


Old Love Lingers