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I am a singer/song writer...arranger,guitarist,piano player.,sweet adeline,and love all kinds of music.I am singing something all day long,everyday of my life.I have the greatest of opportunities to co-write with my most awesome song writer,love of my life, husband Pete Escalante, bringing our great songs to life and share them with the world. My God has blessed me with a great Life,a great Love and Music that radiates love from inside of me everyday,and I love to share the Gift of Song with the World. My song "Just My Mamas Way" was a semi finalist in the Song Writer of the Year Contest 2013, and I have been selected as #11 on the Josies Country Blast Radio top 20 which includes Mainstream Artists. I also had the #1 #2 #3 and #5 spots on Riverhead Radio top 50 countdown, with Robert Rivers all in the same week. My music is played all over the world and I have great fans and followers and I love them all as well. Music is food for the Soul,and the sad songs make me the Happiest..because you feel them in your Soul..I keep God first in my Life,its how I ROLL...I pray that I am able to sing until the day I take my last breath and leave no stone unturned in sharing music with the World..I will keep living out my dreams of becoming a Mainstream Country Artist..and I believe I sound like ME and some great artist that are my favorite listed. I never give up on my dreams, and as (Danny Shirley,Confederate Railroad) said," never give up on your Dreams, and don't stop singing if its in your Heart and Soul, because you were given a talent to use and share with others, and he is right. For me it is singing to others. If they can feel through my songs, I have accomplished everything. Its in feeling through music that I believe touches your Soul, and that is the Heart of us to begin and end with. Thanks for letting me share with you, my love for others and music...I will sing here on earth as long as God allows me then in Heaven with the Angels when he calls me home.I hope you all enjoy my songs. Please tune in to Riverhead every day to hear me and other great Independent and Mainstream artists,24/7, with the Great Robert Rivers, and also to Josies Country Blast Radio with the Great Josie Passantino, love to all keep on keepin on!

The Weekend Belongs To Me (Live)

album: The Weekend Belongs To Me (Live)
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The Weekend Belongs To Me (Live)