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Mick James is a noted songwriter, producer/engineer, musician and actor. He is most widely known for the music included in the hit television show Criss Angel Mindfreak. The highly recognizable “Mindfreak Theme Song” was originally written by Micky James/Criss Angel and produced by both Micky and Jonathan Davis (KORN). Micky’s haunting, enchanting melodies have added an extra element of suspense to the show’s illusion for all 6 seasons.

Micky’s work with Criss was 1st showcased in the 2003 Criss Angel Supernatural special shown on The Sci-Fi Channel and the 2004 Criss Angel Made in Japan special that aired in Japan. Starting 2009 to present, for the Criss Angel/Cirque Du Soleil Vegas show "Believe", as well as the 2014 Criss Angel TV Show on Spike "Believe".

Mick's credits include: CBS NFL pre-games, Dirty Money (Discovery Channel), Phenomenom (NBC), Parenthood (NBC), VH1 That Metal Show, MTV Cribs & Teen Cribs, Criss Angel Biography on A&E and much more. 


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Guess What You're Dead

album: Mick James Is Dead
genre: Metal/Rock/Industrial
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Guess What You're Dead