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About Nina Flaaseth


Musician & Singer Nina Flaaseth , born and raised in a little place in the country called Løten - Norway, started playing accordion, and keyboards during childhood , and this has followed her since. She also always loved to sing, but its first in adulthood it became a reality to live as a singer, and she has received many words of praise for its distinctive and pleasant voice.

She often sat in childhood and adolescence with cassette player and listened to country music - which has followed her all these years. And it also became clear early on what genre that lay closest to her heart , - Country

Nina has also participated in several folk groups through, before she started in a band playing dance & country music , and the last 10 years only pure country - as she has a great passion for. She therefore has broad experience in several genres - and has played up to dance, concerts at festivals (Country festival in Seljord- Norway , Country Music Festival Vinstra- Norway, Søderslætts Country Festival in Malmo - Sweden, Lida Country Festival v / Stockholm – Sweden mm.), And other small and major festivals & events at home and abroad for years .She have several hours in the studio for other artists / band as well. 

Nina has with the group Fulle Fem Band ( A Norwegian trad.folkgroup ) , and the Norwegian Country band - Carisma Band participated in various competitions ( NM, DM, and other competitions) and reaped good results, - Carisma Band took a great 2nd place during the Country Festival in Seljord - Norway - « SjøOrmCountry » in 2010, and she also got 2 .Place in DM (district Championship) in Trad.folk music , to mention a few.

She also started a Duo / trio who traveled around the Norwegian country and they played dance music for several years with praise from both audience and organizers.

Can also mention that she has appeared as a guest musician in several contexts; the Swedish masters of country, - Don Redmon Band during a major country festival v Stockholm / Sweden, and she has played with the Country singer Bo Porter from Austin Texas / Usa, and several times with the Swedish Rockabilly band Buckerfield..

Now the album LIVING ON - NINA FLAASETH been  released - avaliable both digital and on Cd ( 02.april2016 ) !

This is her first soloalbum , recorded and produced in Sweden - Karlskoga @ Noreen Produktion,  2015 .

This album contains 10 great country songs, obtained by talented songwriters from both the US and Europe.

She have allready got a lot of great comments and feedbacks from it ! Please check it out ! Hope you guys like it as well ! 



You Are Living On
Passing The Bar