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About Owen Thomas

OWEN THOMAS was born on a hot summer’s day in mid '80's Dublin, Ireland to parents Tommy and Anne. The youngest of 3 children, Owen grew up on the north-side of the city in the suburb of Artane.  Music featured heavily in his up-bringing with his father Tommy, a music fanatic, introducing him to many different musical genres ranging from pop, to rock and roll, to traditional Irish, to classical. 


 At the age of 15 Owen began to play the guitar, teaching himself some of his favourite Beatles and Oasis numbers & over the next few years he played in a few local bands, mainly as a hobby, playing mostly covers.  After finishing school and Owen went to work as an apprentice electrician. Once he had his qualifications he packed his bags and went back packing around Australia. He spent 2 years in Australia working mainly as an electrician and playing cover gigs as he travelled. 


 On his return home, Ireland was now a country in recession / depression with unemployment set to reach devastating highs. So with the construction industry dead in the water and no jobs on the horizon he decided to turn his passion into a career and follow his dream of becoming a fulltime musician. He began writing his own songs and playing gig nights around the bustling Dublin city music circuit. 


Owen sights his main influences as The Beatles, Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Paolo Nutini, although there are many more.Infectious melodies coupled with extremely clever & evocative lyrics are his trademark. Owen has recorded 4 fully mastered tracks and many demos with internationally renowned producer Billy Farrell.


‘SUMMER DAYS’ will be Owen’s debut single from those recordings. It is a wonderful upbeat melodic ‘ode to childhood summer memories and enduring friendships’. 


A video is being released to coincide with the single.


The video has been directed / filmed and edited by Karin Pritzel of Pritzel Photography. Karin has also looked after stills photography for Owen.




 Scheduled release date: 11th of August 2014


Management: Noel Taylor, Rockit Music, P: +353-86-6391443 /  E: noel.taylor@rockitmusicmanagement.com


Airplay & global distribution of the single & video are being handled by Star1 Records. 

Please Don't Go (single)

Please Don't Go