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    Pete is my writing machine and I love his style and especially his lyrics. Pete has a 60's Retro sound that is very catchy and very Pete. I have been watching Pete for  some time and could have had him signed to a Record Label about 10 years ago when he was in a band called "Strange Division" but for unknown reasons to me the band broke up but Pete never gave up.

    I am looking to record Pete for an Album later this fall, and recently my friend Dave Marko recorded one of Pete's songs in his studio, which I appreciate my friend doing for Pete, and the sound came out very clean sounding. My next stop with Pete is to record a song at Suma in Cleveland and then probably end up in Nashville at Master Groove Studio where famed Executive Producer for Sony Records David Morse will record the whole album but more importantly Master the recordings. James Shaffer also at Master Groove is a world class sound engineer and great at mixing and has years of experience on tours doing sound for Van Halen and the Monsters of Rock tour with Metallica to mention just a couple.. Master Groove studio's both in L.A. and Nashville have produced Platinum and Gold Albums for many of America's hottest acts!!!!

    The reason for two studio's is because of Pete's 60's Retro sound I want to find out who can best understand and get the best sound for Pete's music. Pete's music sounds somewhat like music some of us grew up with in the 60's and 70's but Pete has his own refreshing style that you know it is Pete Milo's - and to the younger audience Pete is the new Avant Garde and his fan's can hardly wait to hear all the new songs!!! Pete has been writing and with the help of a Grammy winning Producer and Acclaimed studio in Pete's back yard we are hoping to capture the very best of Pete Milo...Very excited Pete to let you loose doing your great music and finally releasing it to the public!!!!

  I look forward to my continued journey with Pete and I feel it is just a matter of months before Pete gets his shot at something big!!!!

I wish Pete the very best in his Musical journey ! -TONY RUBINO -




Pete Milo Promo

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