About Pigweed

Pigweed; A progressive band with a whole new sound, with an uncategorized genre that kicked off in 2010 and has since successfully carried a new style for San Antonio with each member dedicated to hardcore at thier fullest. The music and performances are strong and energetic. This last year Pigweed has been in the studio working on their debut CD. Pigweed has remained receiving positive tape review from various clubs, booking agents, promoters, producers and other acts. The members in Pigweed have had local and national shows, as well as, studio and road experience, in the end of 2013 Pigweed decided to to finish the new album. And has put 100%in the finished product which will be done by the end of the year 2014 and now they are eagerly awaiting the next level now in 2015 with a cupple of member changes we are ready to come out full force and still remains one of the strongest unsigned acts in South Texas. Originally the band was formed in 2006 by lead guitar man and vocalist, Mauricio Ortega

Pigweed; with humble beginnings they have become one of the hardest hitting band’s in San Antonio, Tx on and off stage they have played numerous venues and music festivals, like Fiesta Palooza, Metal Fest, Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo 3years in a row Alamo City Tattoo Expo and the Thanks to Rock Festival, where they opened open for nationals such as; Flaw, Displaced, Pin Head, then was invited to open up the Jagermeister tour in San Antonio and opened for national artist; Stemm, and Adakain, and His Name Was Yesterday which was sponsored by the UFC and has shared the stage with up coming artist such as; Burn Face Jack, Sever The Silence, Sangre, Murder F.M. 2010 Pigweed placed 2nd in the Battle for Texas Regional’s which was sponsored by; Kens Five San Antonio News, 210 Tv MUSIC, Great Day S.A .Pigweed is now working with Baracuda Entertainment and Symetric Sound Productions to further their careers in the music industry in 2013 Pigweed was asked to play the slinging ink tattoo expo for the next two years and co headline with Volbeat Once again in 2015 started hitting it hard again and set it off with eyes set to kill in austin then jumped on and cupple of dates with Orgy and 9 eletric and then jumped on with ill nino and kittie,motor grater,davey suicide,unloco for two dates in june of 2015 and soon off those dates did a cupple of dates with Otep here is a list of all nationals artist that pigweed has been invited to do  Flaw,Displaced,Pin Head,stemm ,adakain,Burn Face Jack,Sangre, hed p.e, Mushroomhead, Saliva, Ekotren, Digital Summer, ill Nino, Adema, Orgy, Drowning Pool, American Head Charge, 36 Mafia, Stabbing Westward, 10 Years, Sick Puppys, New Revolution, Eyes Set To Kill, Accept, Iron Maidens,Murder FM,Puddle of Mudd,Cult to Follow,Stemm,Adakain,Twizted,Fire from the gods,12 stones,The letter Black,9 electric,Death Valley High,Kittie,Motorgrater,Unloco,Davey Suicide,The Reaktion,Downfall 2012

Pigweed is:

Justin Ervine: Bass                                                                                                                                                                               
Mauricio Ortega:Guitar/Vocals  
Rudy Rodriguez; vocals
David Magallanez:Turntables/Samples/Vocals 
Thomas Villareal :Drums

Can Reach Pigweed at

210-260-9594 Dave or at pigweedband.com


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One eyed doll tour 2015

One eyed doll tour 2015

Saturday Oct 17 2015, 7:00 PM
@ Dirty Dog in Austin Txazx
What's up everybody come out to the Dirty Dog one of the best places for Metal .We will be opening up for One eyed doll it's gonna be awesome....
Halloween Zombie Show

Halloween Zombie Show

Friday Oct 16 2015, 7:30 PM
@ Zombies Bar San Antonio Tx
Come out to Zombies for the Halloween Bash Masked Ball its gonna be a crazy night with some awesome music