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Ricardo Maranhão is a Brazilian singer/songwriter/musician who currently resides in Curitiba PR.

Since Ricardo’s youth, he has always shown great interest in music. He was raised in a family that embraced music—both of his grandmothers studied the piano, his father played piano as a hobby and his mother enjoyed singing and playing acoustic guitar. Young Ricardo was destined for a career in music and grew up surrounded in song!

At the tender age of 8, he began drum lessons at the "Musicart" school (when he wasn´t playin video games, that is!) He would spend his days listening to the likes of “Tears For Fears” and developed his vocals while singing along with his favorite artist’s songs. But Music wasn´t his dream career at the time...he spoke of becoming a lawyer or a veterinarian...until his mother give him his first guitar at age of 12.

Since then, Ricardo hasn’t put that guitar down, learning this instrument by “ear”. He honed his skills while playing along to Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Beck and some of the Alternative bands at the time. Ricardo now knew, what he wanted was to pursue a career with his beloved guitar and in the spotlight as a professional musician and vocalist.

He discovered the Blues when he was 16 years old and heard a Robert Cray album while visiting his grandmother on a Sunday. To date, Robert Cray remains one of his greatest idols and the Blues has become a huge influence in Ricardo’s career.

Ricardo also plays guitar and sings with the wildly-popular "Milk´n Blues" group, a well known Pop band in Brazil. He has also appeared as a musical guest with many notable artists and additionally works as a session guitarist. He now counts signing to the Star 1 Records label as one of his biggest accomplishments.

 Ricardo’s first solo album is titled "Pull The Trigger", which boasts his first single by the same name.  


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Pull The Trigger

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Pull The Trigger