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Q.Who are Something Mechanical??


A. A post grunge band from Edmonton, Ab. created in 2014 from the ashes of Deadwoodx.Their sound is best described as a fine brew of love and madness. They have one, self titled, studio album out and are working on their second. The band consists of three members:


Colin Pearce - Singer/ Songwriter/ Rhythm guitar

Born in Newfoundland and surrounded in what he calls “Kitchen folk music” young Colin rebelled with rock music. What kid doesn’t love Motley Crue, Pink Floyd, and Cream? He has played many styles of music but is happiest when he plays his own stuff.



Ian Isted - Drums/ Backing vocals

When the band needed a drummer they beamed in this “trekkie” from Salt coats, Saskatchewan.Has musical influences range from The Beatles to Texas Blood Money.  Formerly of the metal group BoulderFist…which may explain why the most common phrase he hears during practice is “Slow down!!”


Behzad Goharzad - Lead Guitar/ Backing vocals

All the way from Tehran, Iran. Behzad  immigrated to Canada in 2014. He can play most any instrument but prefers the guitar. Influenced primarily by progressive and instrumental music. the band actually isn’t sure if he’s noticed yet that he joined a grunge band… 


hopefully he takes it ok.

Something Mechanical - On Fire

Something Mechanical - On Fire

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