Tom Greer - Sarah Wade

About Tom Greer - Sarah Wade

Tom Greer and Sarah Wade have enjoyed successful solo careers, performing in several regional bands in and around Oklahoma. Both have diverse musical backgrounds, with Tom focusing on education, teaching voice and composition, while Sarah honed her musical chops performing in plays, choir and as a member of the internationally successful "Sweet Adelines" vocal ensemble. Both ran in the same musical circles and both performed with the local touring band, "Broken Spoke" led by band leader - Big Mike Griffin which backed up one of country music's most successful male artists, Johnny Rodriguez, who recorded a string of number 1 country hits during his career.

After hearing Sarah perform "God Bless The Child" at the Charlie Christain International Music Festival. Tom asked Sarah to record his song "Say It" which was currently in production and due to be released by Star 1 Records, an independent label in California. After the labels managing director, Laura Patterson heard both versions of the song featuring Tom’s vocals with the other with Sarah’s, it was suggested that the song would really shine featuring both of their vocals as a duet. 

"Say It" is scheduled for worldwide release in 140 countries and will be available from over 600 download and streaming sites on Feb 21st. The song is currently featured on Music 1 Radio, Jazz and R&B station with distribution to college and public radio stations throughout the US and Canada.