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The all female line-up of UCB features 4 seasoned veterans. Rebecca Field, Connie Bonds, Kana Leimbach and 4th Member CAROL CORKY SARAO from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania joined the band October, 2014. UnderCover Betty is a force to be reckoned with. These girls lay it down with the most veteran bands in the bay area. Musically as well as culturally diversified, this band rivals any national act in the business today. three individual woman from three different nations banded together to create a unique and creative sound and that is  what comes across at a UCB show. from their versatile cover ability to the smoking and catchy original songs, UCB will leave you wanting more after each song. Duel front vocal ability and tight harmonies propel these girls to a level above most local acts. able to easily slide from hard rocking in your face energy to laid back and sensual. the band  covers all the needs of its audience.  quickly the band has garnered support from all types of fans that are just as diverse as the band itself.

Getting Ready

album: Getting Ready (single)
genre: Rock
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Getting Ready